Adaptive Rowing

Adaptive rowing is a special category of rowing race for those with physical disabilities. Under the International Rowing Federation (FISA) rules there are three categories for adaptive rowers:

LTA - Legs, Trunk, Arms
Use of at least one leg, trunk and arms. Also for those with visual and intellectual impairments. Rowed with standard boats and sliding seats.

TA - Trunk and Arms
Only use of trunk muscles. Boat has fixed seat.

A - Arms only
Limited trunk control. Boat has fixed seat and rower is strapped at upper chest level to only allow shoulder and arm movements.
At FISA events there are 4 boat events (standard nomenclature is used):

4+ Mixed LTA,  2x Mixed TA,  1x Men A,  1x Women A

Racing is held over 1,000 m (rather than the standard 2,000 m). In mixed events half the crew must be male and other half female (coxswain maybe of either gender and may be able bodied). Single shells for the Arms Only category must have stabilising pontoons attached to the riggers.

Want to try indoor Rowing in a supportive environment with adaptable equipment to suit your needs? 
Call Aaron and the team at Switched On Gym!

Switched On Gym - Hocking Street, Mount Maunganui

Switched On Gym Website

Where and When?

Try Rowing:
​You are invited to come along on Saturday mornings at 8.30.

Meet at the lakefront behind the Sound Shell. There will be a coach coming in off the water who will show you around the club and get you started.

Please enquire if you wish to try Adaptive Rowing so equipment can be organised before the day
There is no cost to try out our sport

Enquires can be lodged via the Rotorua Rowing Club Website: 

Who to contact

Rosemarie or Glen Reichardt
07 366 6874