Wheelchair Tennis

The only difference in Wheelchair Tennis is that the player may hit the ball back to their opponent on either the 1st or 2nd bounce, and the 2nd bounce can be either in or out of court boundaries.

Paralympic Classifications 
The only eligibility requirement for individuals to compete in Wheelchair Tennis is that they must be medically diagnosed as having a mobility related disability. They must have a substantial loss of function in one or more extremities.

There are two classes:
- Athletes with single/lower limb disability
- Quad Class Athletes with an upper limb disability.

There is currently no Wheelchair Tennis league running locally, however Parafed BOP would love to be part of this in the future.  If you have any interest or contacts in this sport, please get in touch with us today

When and Where

Please contact Parafed BOP if you are interested in Wheelchair Tennis.


Suzanne Morrison, Parafed Bay of Plenty suzanne@parafedbop.co.nz 021 293 9252

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