Athletics has been part of the Paralympics since 1960 and events are open to males and females in all disability groups.
The timing and measuring systems used at the Paralympic Games are identical to the ones used at the Olympic Games

Paralympic Classification 
In Athletics there are a number of classes according to athlete's condition:

  • Athletes with a Visual Impairment
    T11 - T13
    F11 - F13
  • Athletes with athetosis, ataxia and/or hypertonia
    T32 - T38
    F31 - F38
  • Athletes with short stature
  • Athletes with limb deficencies
    T42 - T46
    F42 - F46
  • Athletes who use a wheelchair
    T51 - F54
    F51 - F58
  • Intellectual Impairment

ATHLETICS IN TAURANGA - Please register your interest!
Parafed BOP are very interested in getting an athletics programme running in Tauranga, with future prospects into the greater Bay of Plenty area.  Please let us know of your interests in being part of this programme - social, competitive or volunteer, we want to hear from you all.

As part of the Youth Development Programme (8-21yr olds), there are plans for Athletics training over the 2017/2018 summer season, please register your interest to find out futher information as it comes to hand

Where and When?

Tauranga Athletics
Please contact Parafed BOP to register your interest

Who to contact

Parafed BOP
0277 069 133