Boccia is a test of muscle control and accuracy. The goal of the sport is to throw or bowl your ball so it lands as close as possible to the 'jack' ball (very similar to bowls).
Throwing, kicking or the use of an assistive device can propel the ball onto the wooden court.
This game is played indoors on a smooth surface, players can compete individually or as part of a team.

Paralympic Classification
There are four different classes for people who play boccia:

- BC1 - athletes with severe cerebral palsy who throw or kick a ball
- BC2 - athletes with cerebral palsy who throw the ball
- BC3 - athletes with cerebral palsy who use a ramp to play as they cannot throw
- BC4 - athletes who do not have cerebral palsy, but who can throw the ball.

BAY BOCCIA was launched in December 2016 under the guidance and knowledge of Paralympian & Coach Stacey Roche, the sport has taken off in 2017. 

Our first block of training for 2019 starts February  - Please contact Cherryl to find out more

Where and When?

 From April 29
Memorial Hall
Queen Elisabeth II Centre
11th Ave Tauranga 

Who to contact

Cherryl Thompson